AKC Gazette 15.1.1909

The American Kennel Gazette - 15. January, 1909 (USA)
An Official Journal Published Semi-Monthly By The American Kennel Club.

This article in the AKC Gazette in the beginning of 1909 was formly written for and published in the GB weekly newspaper OUR DOGS. There is no author given.

Thanks to the weary wait for new sensations in the real Collie embryo champion line, we have a return of the periodical visitation of would-be-saviours of the Collie, with illusive outcries of danger taken from some alien or harmless passing incident. The pig jaw alarm is about due again. Size has at times been a useful subject from the curriculum of insincere actors, who often swallow their own words and champion the size they have denounced. The Barzoi craze has its run, and perhaps this was the most genuine objection to real danger of any. The Shetland Collie was sprung as an enterprise at a dull time, when Collie fanciers must really have become surprisingly susceptible to melancholy to be struck with feat at this Toy appearance.
A warning has now reached me to the effect that the popularity of the Collie is threatened by the advance of an alluring little beauty now flourishing in Scotland under the exotic title of Spanish Collie. This is the latest. Of course, this festive season is also a funny one. We can laugh at poor jokes, and worse pantomime, but Spanish Collie will not do.
My correspondent enlightens me on origin, history, and character of the new Collie, which can, it is claimed, knock spots off the Shetlands as genuine miniature Collies. Their origin is traced to Toy Spaniels, but a number are quite true in type and Collie character, and only fail in big eyes and heavy ears. (My friend does not say anything about layback and turnup.) I suppose it is all reality, but we seem to be getting a medley of Collie species. The next to be drummed in are bearded Collies, who are growing special whiskers for the occasion. - 'Our Dogs,' England."

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