Concerning Dogs
Wedding of Lady Marjorie Gordon To Capt. John Sinclair

The Queen, The Lady's Newspaper, 02.07.1904


In The Queen, The Lady's Newspaper, GB (about fashion and culture for upper class women) we found a short article mentioning the Shetland Collie in connection with the upcoming marriage of Lady Marjorie Gordon.

The Queen, The Lady's Newspapger, 02.07.1904:
"IT WILL BE RECOLLECTED that a couple of years or so ago a peculiar little dog was shown at one of the Westminster Aquarium exhibitions entered as a 'Shetland collie,' and the property of Lady Marjorie Gordon, only daughter of the Countess of Aberdeen. Shortly afterwards an interesting article on the variety appeared in the Field, but hithero this rare strain of the sheepdog does not appear to have attracted any further attention. The Countess of Aberdeen has had a great deal to do with the smoothing over of matters connected with the Ladies' Kennel Association, in which valued assistance was given by Lady Marjorie, who also took an active part in the management of the show held in the Royal Botanic Society's Gardens last year. The engagement of Lady Marjorie Gordon to Capt. John Sinclair, M.P., is announced, and the wedding is being looked forward to with great interest and pleasure by all connected with the Ladies' Dog Clubs, as well as by others."

If you discover any errors in the text that may have been caused by the transcription, please let us know for a prompt correction.

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