Aberdeen Dog Show & Shetland Collie Club
KC refused grant separate classification
The Shetland Collie

The Field, The Country Gentleman's Newspaper,
09.01.1909 (& in Field and Fancy)
31.07.1909 (& in Field and Fancy)

The Field, The Country Gentleman's Newspaper (& in Field and Fancy), 09.01.1909, page 61:
THIS POPULAR SHOW was held on New Year's Day in the Agricultural Hall, Kittybrewster, the entry being above the average; over 200 dogs were benched.
Quite an interesting section was that apportioned to SHETLAND COLLIES. Mr C. F. Thomson's Inverness Fritz 1ed, a well-balanced miniature; second to Mrs Mitchell's Titch, who owns properly carried ears and nice coat, but is leggy; Sutherland's Only Hope, third, is full of collie expression. Puppies saw Mr Thomson's Inverness Jack at the head of affairs; Mr Loggie's Lerwick Floss second; with a very beautiful puppy in Mr Milne's Lochnagar Sheila third."

Shetland Collie Club. - Mr Forbes Grant, of Dundee, presided at a well-attended meeting held at Aberdeen on the same day as the dog show, for the purpose of forming an association of breeders interested in the miniature or Shetland collie. Good support was forthcoming, and the club was established, Mr C.F. Thomson, 3, Union-street, Inverness, accepting the hon. secretaryship."

The Field, The Country Gentleman's Newspaper (& in Field and Fancy), 31.07.1909, page 199:
SEA BANK. - The Kennel Club has refused to grant separate classification for the so-called Shetland collie, and, judged by the appearance of the dogs which have been shown as dwarf collies, they are several different types. Mr W.E. Milne, of Lochnager, Culter, N.B., the president of the Scottish Shetland Collie Club, admitted before a committtee of the Kennel Club that some of the dogs shown in the classes provided for the breed at the recent show of the Ladies' Kennel Asscociation were not true Shetlands. Mr Milne may be able to provide you with a club standard."

The Field, The Country Gentleman's Newspaper, 11.09.1909, page 479:
"The Shetland Collie. - The admirers of this little dog are not by any means unanimous in accepting the name of Shetland sheepdog, recently granted by the Kennel Club committee in answer to the appeals of the various specialist clubs to have the title of 'Shetland collie' registered. Through a section accepting the new title and rushing classes for the breed under the new name at Inverness show there are apparent signs of as much trouble in the ranks as there was through the Kennel Club refusing registration. A mass meeting of the members of the Scottish Shetland Collie Club and the Shetland Collie Club has been called by Mr Milne, the president of the former club. It is to be held at the show in the capital of the Highlands on the 23rd inst., when it is expected that representatives from the Shetland and Orkney Islands will be present."

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