Cover: Dogs And How To Know Them, Ash, 1925 Dogs And How To Know Them
Edward C. Ash, M.R.A.C. (Dip.). F.R.M.S., etc., The Epworth Press, London, GB, 1925 (1st edition)

On page 66 of this 88-page booklet there is only a six-liner about the Shetland Sheepdog, but on page 67 there is a very successful black and white drawing of the first blue CC winner Peat (Grey's), *30.1.1916, KCSB 1205 W (Clifford Sharper x Braeheads Rena), breeder: Mr. Walter Barnard, a blue, tan & white male, who is described as uniformly blue (among other things: "a blue without being a merle"¹, "He was not a blue merle, but a solid-coloured blue or grey dog."²).
Very interesting is also the reference list at the end of the book, which lists all published dog books from 1800 to 1925.

Page 66: Page 66: Dogs And How To Know Them, Ash, 1925

Page 67: Page 67: Peat (Grey's), Dogs And How To Know Them, Ash, 1925

Page 81: „Shetland Sheep Dog. – Points of this breed same as Rough Coated Collie (p. 66) (see Illustration, page 67).”

¹THE SHETLAND SHEEPDOG, Catherine E. Coleman, published by W.W. Gallagher, J.N. Levine, A.R. Miller, USA, 1943
²Beginnings: The Island Dogs, Catherine J. Burton, Sheltie Pacesetter Jan./Febr. 1985, US

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