1925 - The Dog Encyclopedia - Judy THE DOG ENCYCLOPEDIA
A Complete Reference Work On Dogs
William Lewis Judy, Editor of Dog World Magazine, Judy Publishing Company, Chicago, USA, 1925 1st edition (Digitized by Google)

The book is divided into alphabetical headings. Thus, Judy's Dog Encyclopedia naturally begins with "A" - Age To Determine, Advertising Of Dogs, ... and on page 152, under "S", you can find three descriptive paragraphs about the Sheltie and the standard wording. Unfortunately, there is no photo of our breed in this book (but there are photos of the Rough Collie and the Old English Sheepdog.

Page 44: "COLLIE - ...
The Shetland sheepdog is a miniature collie but is a breed of its own and in its own right. ..."

Page 152: "SHETLAND SHEEPDOG - This is a separate breed, called sometimes Shetland collie. It is to the collie what the Shetland pony is to the horse, a small edition of the original. There is no difference except in the size.
The type has become establisht, for it breeds to the small size almost without exception. Its work is that of driving, herding and guarding cattle.
This breed should become popular in America. It has the small size in demand for a dog in the house and in the city. It has all the many good qualities of its big brother, the collie. Yet it is seldom seen."

If you discover any errors in the text that may have been caused by the transcription, please let us know for a prompt correction.

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