1937 The Dog Owners' Guide title The Dog Owner's Guide and Who's Who In Dogdom
T.M. Corbett, Watmoughs Ltd., 1932 (GB) 2*

This book has a "Breeders Directory", pages about "Societies & Clubs", the "Kennel Club Rules and Regulations", "General Information" and a chapter with "The Standards Of The Breeds". Only in the later the Shetland Sheepdog is listed with its breed standard and a photo of the s/w bitch Ch. Eltham Park Elda (Photo by Yorkshire Herald) - "Winner of 5 Challenge Certificates under five different Judges. Best in Show at English Shetland Sheepdog Club's Show, 1936. Owned by Mrs. T. Wilberforce, Delwood Croft, Fulfored, York. ..."

The Standard of Points of the Shetland Sheepdog as forwarded by Mr. George Pratt Boy, Hon. Secretary of the Club: -

Eltham Park Elda drawing

SKULL.-Should be as nearly as possible flat, moderately wide between the ears, and graduatlly tapering towards the eyes. There should only be a slight depression at stop. The cheeks should not be full or prominent.
Head and Expression 15; Ears 15; Neck and Shoulders 5; Legs and Feet 10; Hindquarters 10; Back and Loins 5; Tail 10; Coat and Frill 15; Size 15. Total 100."

If you discover any errors in the text that may have been caused by the transcription, please let us know for a prompt correction.

*2 Original in Chelsea Parten collection

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