1925 Crufts Catalogue

In the 1925 Crufts catalogue on page 402, for the first time, before listing the entered Shelties, the previous year's Best of Breed winner (1924) is presented with successes and a photo. Below this is a short description of the breed.

1925 Crufts Catalogue Page 402

"LIKE most of the animals associated with the Shetland Isles, the Shetland Sheepdog is very small. Some of them do not measure more than 12 inches at the shoulder, but they manage to herd the sheep. Although the standards suggest that they should be approximately show collies in miniature from 12 inches to 15 inches high, they are undoubtedly a distinctive character which should appeal to anyone wanting a small dog that is not a Toy. Since they have been bred for exhibition during the last fifteen or sixteen years, a great improvement has be noticeable. Before that time little attention was given to quality in their native islands, so long as they came from working stock. Any of the collie colours are admissible, and the outer coat should be long, while the under coat is soft and close; abundant mane and frill, and legs feathered. Below the hocks the hindlegs are smooth. The long tail should have a good brush of hair, and is carried downwards with an upward swirl at the tip. The flat skull tapers towards the eyes, and the muzzle is long and tapering. There is a slight stop and the cheeks are flat. Almond shaped eyes, brown in colour, set obliguely and close together. Ears small, placed high, and carried semi-erect. Neck long, muscular and arched. Body compact; level back, with well-sprung ribs and strong loins. Chest deep; shoulders flat. Forelegs straight, thighs muscular, and stifles well bent, giving a racy appearance."

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