1912 The Country Life Of America Country Life In America
The Case For The Modern Collie
by R. A. Sturdevant
Volume XXI, November 1, 1911, to April 15, 1912, Doubleday, Page & Company, USA

In the article "The Case For The Modern Collie" (page 49) is a paragraph about the Shetland Collie. (There are only Collie photos shown.)

Page 50: "...
There is a branch of the collie family native to the Islands of Orkney and Shetland, called the Shetland collie. It is a miniature reproduction of the typical Scotch collie and like the sturdy Shetland pony, it has not been made small by artificial selection. It is no larger than a Pomeranian and is perfectly hardy, wonderfully sagacious, and very beautiful. The body is long and set low on short stout legs. The tail is a substantial brush, gracefully carried, and the coat is long and inclined to be silky, with a pronounced neck frill. The usual weight is from six to ten pounds, the male being smaller than the female. The handsomest specimens are all white, or white with sable markings, but many are black and tan or all black. The head is short and the face not so aquiline as that of the large collie. The eyes are well proportioned to the size of the head and are singularly soft and bright, reminding one of the eye of a woodcock. The Shetlanders use them with sheep, and they are excellent workers, intelligent and active, and very hardy. They are not at all quarrelsome but can defend themselves if necessary; nor are they to dainty in the matter of food, as dogs of the smaller type are liable to be.
Fanciers on the lookout for something new in the dog world ought to take up this attractive and genuine breed before it becomes extinct. Most of the local specimens have been picked up by tourists or shipped away to be sold, but there are still a few to be found, and some local effort is being made to breed them."

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