Collection of
Nostalgic Photos Of The Months

Bachstelze Shelties 1979 Robin Searle - Francehill Shelties ESSC 1979

Biggy von der Bachstelze, Amber Of Callart, Tell von der Hutzelschweiz, Shelert's Speaking Likeness, Zara von der Bachelze - September 1979 - Photo: Kirchgeßner

Robin Searle mit "Francehill" Shelties - ESSC 1979 - Photo: Dr. Riemann
Sharval Sweet Dream & Blue Haze vom Zitadellengraben 1980 Nostalgic Photo November 2022
Ch. Sharval Sweet Dream & Ch. Blue Haze vom Zitadellengraben - 1980 - Photo: Dr. Riemann Miss F.M. Rogers with Riverhill Ringleader, Miss J. Herbert with Ch. Shelert's Sindbad The Sailor & Miss M. Davis - ESSC Oct. 1981 - Foto: E.M. Krämer, D
M. Searle - F.E. Griffin - M. Baker - ESSC 1989  
Margaret Searle, F.E. Griffin, Maurice Baker with Ch. Glencharm Witch's Brew Of Melcette - ESSC 1989 - Photo: Dr. Riemann  
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