Listed Newspapers

From the following newspapers snippets are included:

21.02.1903: 1903-The Field, The Country Gentleman's Newspaper: The Kennel - The Shetland Collie
07.03.1903: 1903-The Shetland News: The Shetland Collie
06.02.1904: 1904-The Field, The Country Gentleman's Newspaper: About Sheep- & Cattledogs in Australia
02.07.1904: 1904-The Queen, The Lady's Newspaper: Wedding of Lady Marjorie Gordon Sinclair
13.08.1904: 1904-The Shetland Times: Shetland Agricultural Society Annual Show
12.10. & 28.12.1907: 1907-The Field, The Country Gentleman's Newspaper: The Kennel - The Shetland Collie
15.04.1908 1908-The Orkney Herald & The Shetland Times & 25.04.1908 The Shetland Times: The Shetland Collie
12.09.1908: 1908-The Gentlewoman: A Famous Shetland Collie
19.09.1908: 1908-Field & Fancy: Inverness Dog Show during the Northern Games
26.09.1908: 1908-The Queen, The Lady's Newspaper: Concerning Dogs - Inverness Show
07.11.1908: 1908-The Field, The Country Gentleman's Newspaper: The Library - Show Dogs
21. & 28.11.1908, 12. & 26.12.1908: 1908-The Shetland Times: Foundation of the Shetland Collie Club
06.01.1909: 1909-The Northern Chronicle: Inverness Exhibits at Aberdeen Show
09.01. & 31.07. & 11.09.1909: 1909-The Field, The Country Gentleman's Newspaper: Aberdeen Dog Show, Shetland Collie Club & KC refused classification & The Shetland Collie
11. & 18. & 25.09.1909: 1909-The Shetland Times: Refusal to Register as a Serarate Class, The Status of Shetland Collies, The Shetland Collie Question
03.12., 09.12. & 11.12.1909: 1909-The New York Herald: Shetland Sheepdog New Breed Now Seen at English Shows, Shetland Sheepdogs Will Be Shown at Pet Exhibition ..., Pet Dog Society's Exhibition in London
08.08., 18.09. & 09.11.1910: 1910-The New York Herald: Doggy Barks From London, Kensington Canine Society
09.06.1911: 1911-The New York Herald: Ladies' Kennel Asscocialtion Holds Annual Show
18.04. & 10.10.1914: 1914-The Gentlewoman: Notes & Comments about the Shetland Sheepdog
17.06. & 23.12.1916: 1916-The Gentlewoman: LKA Championship Show, PetDog Show

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