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From the following books snippets are included:

1809-A View Of The Ancient And Present State Of The Zetland Islands
Including Their Civil, Political, And Natural History; Antiquities; And An Account Of Their Agriculture, Fisheries, Commerce, And The State Of Society And Manners
Arthur Edmonston, M.D., printed by James Ballantyne and Co., Edinburgh (GB) (Digitized by Google)
A View of the Ancient and Present State of the Zetland Vol. IA View of the Ancient and Present State of the Zetland Islands Vol. II
1822-Description Of The Shetland Islands
Samuel Hibbert, M. D.F.R.S.E. &c., Archibald Constable And Co., Edinburgh, 1822 (Digitized by Google)
1822 - Description Of The Shetland Islands- Hibbert
1890-Littell's Living Age
Fifth Series, Volume LXXI from the Beginning, Vol. CLXXXVI July, August, September 1890 (USA) (Digitized by Google)
From the Contemporary Review.
IV. The Shetland Isles In The Birds Nesting Season
T. Digby Pigott
1890 Littell's Living Age Title
1907-1911-The New Book Of The Dog
Robert Leighton assisted by eminent authorities on the various breeds, Cassell And Company Ltd., London, GB, 1907, 1909, 1911
1907 - The New Book Of The Dog
1907-1932-Show Dogs - Their Points & Characteristics
How to Breed for Prizes & Profit (Illustrated)
Theo. Marples FZS (Editor of "Our Dogs"), Our Dogs Publishing Company Ltd., GB
1915 (2nd edition) *3
1926 (3rd edition) *1
about 1932 (4th edition)
1915 Show Dogs 2nd edition1926 Show Dogs 3rd editionAbout 1932 Show Dogs 4th edition
1910-Dogs And All About Them
Robert Leighton, Cassell And Company Ltd, London, GB, 1910
1910 - Dogs And All About Them
1910-The Kennel Encyclopaedia Volume III - KEN to SPA
J. Sidney Turner, M.R.C.S., F.L.S., F.Z.S., etc., Sir W.C. Leng & Co., GB, 1910 (reprint 2010)
1910 The Kennel Encyclopaedia
1918?-Prize Dogs
Their successful Housing, Management, And Preparation For Exhibition From Puppyhood To The Show Ring
Theo Marples, "Our Dogs", 8th edition - *1
1945? Prize Dogs
1919-The Book Of Dogs
National Geographic Society, paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes and Others, USA, 1919 (Digitized by Cornell University) & 1927 (2nd
)1919 The Book Of The Dog title1927 The Book Of The Dogs
1921-Hunde, Sport-Zucht
Rudolf Löns, Grethlein & Co., Leipzig, D, 1921 (2. Bearbeitung) - *1
1921 - Hunde, Sport-Zucht - Titel
1921-The Complete Dog Book
Dr. William A. Bruette, Stewart Kidd Company, GB, 1921 (Digitized by Internet Archive)
1921 The Complete Dog Book title
1922-The Complete Book of the Dog
Robert Leighton, Cassell and Company, London, Reprinted May 1922
1922 - The Complete Book of the Dog
1925-Dogs And How To Know Them
Edward Cecil Ash, M.R.A.C. (Dip.). F.R.M.S., etc., The Epworth Press, London, GB, 1925 (1st edition)
Title: Dogs And How To Know Them, Ash, 1925
A Complete Reference Work On Dogs

William Lewis Judy, Editor of Dog World Magazine, Judy Publishing Company, Chicago, USA, 1925 1st edition
(Digitized by Google)
1925 - The 'Dog Encyclopedia Title
1925-1952-Your Dog
The Ped And Livestock Series
Robert Leighton, Cassell & Co. Ltd., GB, 1925 ?
1925-? Your Dog
1927-Points Of The Dog
T.W. Hancock Mountjoy, Eveleigh Nash & Grayson, GB, 1927 1st edition
1927 Points of the Dog
1928-The Kennel Encyclopaedia
Frank Townend Barton, M.R.C.V.S., Virtue And Co. Ltd., GB, about 1928, *1
The Kennel Encyclopaedia
Frank Townend Barton, M.R.C.V.S., revised by Leo C. Wilson, F.Z.S., Virtue And Company Ltd., GB, 5th edition, 1949
About 1928 - The Kennel Encyclopaedia1949 - The Kennel EncyclopaediaThe Kennel Encyclopaedia 1949
1930-The Practical Dog Book
Edward Cecil Ash, M.R.A.C. (Dip. Hons.), Simpkin Marshall Ltd., London, GB, 1930 (1st edition)
The Practical Dog Book 1930 Title
1931-About Our Dogs
Their Breeds and their Management
A. Croxton Smith, OBE, Ward, Lock & Co. Ltd., GB, 1931 (1st edition)
1931 About Our Dogs title
1932-Der deutsche Schäferhund in Wort und Bild
Rittmeister v. Stephanitz, 8th edition, "Verein für deutsche Schäferhunde (SV)", printer: Anton Kämpfe, Jena, 1932 (D) 1*
1932 Der deutsche Schäferhund in Wort und Bild title
1932-Pedigree Dog Breeding
For Pleasure Or Profit & Where To Buy A Dog
Captain Jocelyn Lucas, M.C., Simpkin, Marshall Ltd., London, GB, April, 1932 (3rd edition)
1932 Pedigree Dog Breeding Title
1934-1935-Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopaedia
and HUTCHINSON'S Popular & Illustrated DOG ENCYCLOPAEDIA - Part 47 7D
edited & published by Walter Hutchinson, M.A., F.R.G.S., F.R.S.A., F.Z.A., Barrister-at-Lawotsdam (GB), 1934-1935
1935 Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopaedia
Ein Handbuch für Hundeliebhaber und Züchter
Aga Gräfin vom Hagen, KYONI, Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft Athenaion M.B.H., Potsdam, 1935 (2nd edition) - *2 & 5th edition
1935 Die Hunderassen
1937-The Dog Owners' Guide and Who's Who in Dogdom
T.M. Corbett, Watmoughs Ltd., 1932 (GB) - 2*
1937 The Dog Owners' Guide title
1945-British Dogs
Croxton Smith, A., Collins, Adprint, London, 1945 1st (GB)
1945 British Dogs
1947-SHETLAND and the Shetlanders
W. P. Livingstone, Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd., London, GB, 1947 (1st edition)
Shetland And The Shetlanders Title
1947-Working Dogs of the World
Clifford L.B. Hubbard, Sidgwick And Jackson Limited, London, 1947 1st (GB)
1947 Working Dogs of the World Title
1949-Popular Dogs
Phyllis Robson, Popular Dog Publishing Company Ltd., 1949 (1st)
1949 Popular Dogs
Arthur Croxton Smith, Penguin Handbooks PH21, GB, 1953 (1st)
1953 Dogs
1955-Hunderassen 2. Band: Schäfer- und Hirtenhunde
Die Eignung, Haltung und Zucht der Rassehunde
Hans Meyer, Verlag Adalbert Pechan, 1955, Wien (A)
Hunderassen Band 121
1958-Talking About Dogs
Stanley Dangerfield, Rockcliff', GB, 1958
1958 Talking About Dogs
Winters naturwissenschaftliche Taschenbücher Band 23
Dr. Theodor Haltenorth, Zoologische Staatssammlung München, Carl Winter, Universitätsverlag, Heidelberg, 1958 (D)
1958 Rassehunde-Wildhunde
1960-Die Hunde der Welt
Dr. Erich Schneider-Leyer, Albert Müller Verlag (CH, A, D) 1960
1960 Die Hunde der Welt Schneider-Leyer
1961-Rassehunde von heute
Charakteristik, Entstehung, Rassekennzeichen
Dr. Aloys Fink, Verlagshaus Reutlingen Oertel & Spörer, about 1961 (D)
1961 Rassehunde von heute title
1962-The Observer's Book Of Dogs
Clifford L.B. Hubbard, Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd., 1962 reprinted (GB) &
edited by Sonia Lampson, Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd., 1973
- revised edition, reprinted 1973 (GB)
1962 The Observer's Book of Dogs title1973 - The Observers' Book of Dogs title
Die Rassen des Hundes:
1966-Die Schäferhunde
Prof. h.c., Dr. jur., Dr. med. vet. Emil Hauck
Herausgegeben vom ÖKV (Selbstverlag), 1966, Wien (A)
1966 - Die Schäferhunde
1967-Dogs: Toy and Miniature Breeds
Stanley Dangerfield, Arco Publications, GB, 1967
1967 Dogs - title

o.J.-Geliebte Hunde in Farbe
Lober, Hans, Buch und Zeit Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Kön (D)

Geliebte Hunde in Farbe
- Die wichtigsten Rassen, ihre Eigenschaften und ihre Merkmale
Dr. Lucien Guillot, Bunte Delphin-Bücherei Nr. 18, Stuttgart und Zürich, 1970 (2nd edition) (D)
1970 - Hunde title
1978-Hunde: Rassen - Erziehung - Haltung
Bielfeld, Horst, Lizenzausgabe des Deutschen Bücherbundes Stuttgart, Falken-Verlag, Erich Sicker KG, 1978 (D)
1978 Hunde - Bielfeld
1980-Unsere Hunde - 14 Zoologie
Hans Räber, Hallwag Verlag, Bern und Stuttgart, 1980 3. Auflage (CH)
1980 Unsere Hunde title
1981-Unsere Rassehunde
Erziehen - Halten - Züchten
Das Handbuch für den Hundefreund
Hans-Joachim Swarovsky, Neumann Verlag, Leizig,
1981 1. edition & 1983 2. edition (DDR)
1981 Unsere Rassehunde1983 Unsere Rassehunde
1982-Hunde in Farbe
German translation & interpretation of the english original book "The Love of Dogs" - 5th edition 1982, Südwest Verlag GmbH & Co.KG, München (D)
1982 Hunde in Farbe
1984-Mein Freund Der Hund - Verhalten, Pflege und Erziehung
Verlag Das Beste GmbH, Reader's Digest, Stuttgart, 1984 (D) with a preface by Dr. Dr. h.c. Wolf Herre, Kiel
Mein Freund Der Hund 1984
1985-Collins Gem DOGS
Wendy Boorer, HarperCollins Publishers, Glasgow, 1985 5th (GB)
1985 Collins Gem Dogs
Für Leser von 10 Jahren an
Peter Teichmann, Der Kinderbuchverlag Berlin - DDR, 1986 1. Auflage (DDR)
1986 Hunde
1997-Hunde - Das neue kompakte Bestimmungsbuch
Joan Palmer, Könemann Verlagsgesellschaft mbH,
german edition 1997 (D)
1997 Hunde
2000-Rural Life in Shetland & Guidebook to the Croft House Museum
Ian Tait, Shetland Museum, GB, 2000
Rural Life in Shetland
Wie sie sind - wie man sie hält
Schmitz, Siegfried, BLV Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, München, 2001 (D)
2001 Hunderassen

*1 Original in Eva-Maria Krämer Collection
*2 Original in Chelsea Parten Collection
*3 Original in Reidun Monsholm Collection

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